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What is Social Responsibility?


As individuals, consumers, and/or business owners,  we are ultimately responsible for the society in which we live and work. In accepting that responsibility, it is in the best interest of all members of our community to work together towards creating a community that reflects our core values and aspires to fulfil our economic, environmental and social needs, both now and for the future. 

Local businesses are the foundation for a thriving local economy.  By working together we can ensure that more of our economic strength recirculates locally in order to sustain our community  and improve the quality of life for all Sonoma County residents.

Business and society are interwoven rather than distinct entities; therefore, society has certain expectations for appropriate business behavior and outcomes, (Lee, Fairhurst and Wesley, 2009, p.141-142).  Social Responsibility focuses on four key domains of business rather than only one.

  • economics
  • legal
  • environmental
  • philanthropic (humanitarian)

The choices we make collectively will determine the impact we have on our own community and its future.

Consumers  also share responsibility through patronization and investment in  businesses that share our common values.  What we do with our money matters for ourselves and for our community.  Investing in and patronizing our neighborhood businesses causes a multiplier effect that is estimated to double and triple the  money recirculating in our community simply because as local businesses prosper they tend to purchase more goods and services from other local businesses.

Our Vision is to support the community in the development of social responsibility and to help educate both businesses and consumers in how they can make a difference in our community.

All members of our community are invited to join us online here at One Community Today where we will explore leading edge ideas on Social Responsibility & Sustainability  and learn how to solve  our shared issues of concern -  together !







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