Sonoma County





Q:  Why would I join the Sonoma Community?

A:  There are many reasons to join the Sonoma Community including:


  • Our Values Ė demonstrate active support of a Socially Responsible Community
  • Smart business Ė an increased return on your existing website investment
  • Exercise leadership Ė donít rely on Google or AT&T to create your own local directory
  • Equal opportunity - all listings are equal in the eyes of The Sonoma Community
  • Set an example Ė A site created by our own community sets an example for others
  • Wider audience - gain more votes, funds, volunteers, readers & business
  • Community unity - meet more of your neighbors and form friendly alliances.  


Q:  How does The Sonoma Community site differ from other local sites and directories on the internet?

A:  The vast majority of directories are commercial endeavors including paid advertising, sponsored ads, banners, pop-ups and pay-per-click annoyances. We have all the resources we need to create our own local search site according to our own visions and ideas of what we want to see in our local directory. Whoís who and what's what.


Q:  Do I have to be a Member to use the site and the directory?

A:  No, anyone can use the directory or join in the discussions without being a member.


Q:  Why would I use the Sonoma Community site as my first stop on the web?

A:  Many of the reasons to join our community project are the same reasons to use the Sonoma Community site as your first stop on the web. Check your local town first. Canít find it in Healdsburg? Check the next town over or search the whole county. Still canít find it, then youíve found a real need you can fill here Ė why not start a new venture instead? 


Q:  How will The Sonoma Community facilitate economic localization and support Social Responsibility?

A:  Member businesses and organizations will gain a wider audience of targeted traffic from search engine queries. Tax receipts will stay within the community and recirculate 3 times more. Members participating in discussions will learn from each other and gain access to a variety of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are facilitating  discussions on the benefits, design and implementation of socially responsible projects.


Q:  How much does it cost to join The Sonoma Community?

A:  There are no fees and listing is free. We ask each member site that joins us, in the spirit of community, to add a link to the Sonoma Community Site Home Page and at least three content relevant member links to their links page.


Q:  What if I donít have a links page on my site or blog?

A:  We have template pages that can be cut and pasted onto any existing page or you can simply upload the whole page and add it to your existing site. 


Q:  What if I want to join and donít have a website or blog yet?

A:   We understand that individuals and families may not have their own websites or blogs but all are free to join us as we create our new community.


Q:  How can I submit my site and how do I join?

A:  Follow this link to our Invitation page:  Join Us Now!






  Sonoma County - One People, One Community, Today!