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Annual Awards


Every year as part of ONE COMMUNITY TODAY we honor those within our community whose contributions respresent significant improvements to one of three major areas of Social Responsibility: The Community, the Economy, and the Environment.


Nominations are submitted by the community each year at the end of February for their favorite Local Individual, Local School, and Local Business in each of the 3 areas of Social Responsibility.


The nominations are compiled and voting within these catagories is open from the beginning of March to the end of April each year.


An award ceremony is held in the 2nd week in May where certificates and prizes are awarded to the top three nominees in the individual, school, and business catagories.



2010 Awards:


This year we had more nominations than ever before and the competition was intense.  Public voting was substantially greater than last year with over 500,000 votes.


As usual, prizes were awarded for the three main areas of Social Responsibility including Impact on the environment; Impact on the community; and Impact on the economy.  The Sonoma community voted for the greatest contributions during these last twelve months and selected 3 Individuals, 3 Schools, and 3 Businesses for each area of responsibility.


This years Individudal winners were:


                                    Environment       Community                Economy


1st Prize Individual     Jane Morgan       Roberto Gonzalez        Howard Eddinger

2nd Prize Individual    Gavin Clate         Charles Stephens        Julia Westland

3rd Prize Individual     Eric Tanner         Danielle Wakayama     Lawanda Jones




1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes were also awarded to Local Schools for each of the catagories as well as to Local Businesses for their contributions. 


Prizes were donated by our sponsors and supporters.








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