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 Social Responsibility &  Responsiveness

One Community Today is a Socially Responsible Company.  Social Responsibility involves an organizationís obligation to maximize its positive impact, and to minimize its negative impact, on all stakeholders. Socially responsible companies strive to conduct all business dealings in an ethical manner, they make a concerted effort to balance the needs of all stakeholders, and they work with the members of their community to protect our environment. 

This  responsibility includes legal, ethical, economic, and philanthropic (discretionary) dimensions.  The 20th century paradigm of Corporate Social Responsibility, based on the premise of exclusive responsibility to create shareholder wealth, must now give way to a new paradigm for the 21st century that is more expansive and inclusive. The 4 dimensions of 21st century social responsibility include:


Legal refers to obeying governmental laws and regulations including civil law that govern the rights & duties of individuals and organizations. Criminal laws prohibit specific actions and imposes fines and/or imprisonment as punishment for breaking the law.

Ethical involves behaviors and activities that are expected or prohibited by organizational members, the community, and society (not codified into law), standards, norms, or expectations that reflect the concern of major stakeholders.

Economic responsibilities refer to how resources for the production of goods and services are distributed within the social system.  Numerous studies have shown that Consumers favor socially responsible companies over companies whose primary objective is to maximize profits. 

Philanthropic activity reflects a business's contributions to society that promote the social good and considers the interests of all who are affected by the company's decisions, policies, and strategies. 


The Principles and Traits that guide Socially Responsible Companies include:

  1.  Engages in fair and honest business practices in its relationship with stakeholders.
  2.  Sets high standards of behavior for all employees.
  3.  Exercises ethical oversight of the executive and board levels.
  4.  Strives to manage the company for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  5.  Initiates and engages in genuine dialogue with stakeholders.
  6.  Values and implements dialogue.
  7.  Fosters a reciprocal relationship between the company and community.
  8.  Invests in the communities in which the company operates.
  9.  Respects the rights of consumers.
  10.  Offers quality products and services.
  11.  Provides information that is truthful and useful.
  12.  Provides a family-friendly work environment.
  13.  Engages in responsible human-resource management.
  14.  Provides an equitable reward and wage system for employees.
  15.  Engages in open and flexible communication with employees.
  16.  Invests in employee development and education.
  17.  Strives for a competitive return on investment.
  18.  Engages in fair trading practices with suppliers.
  19.  Demonstrates a commitment to the environment.
  20.  Demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development.

One Community Today is proud to be a Socially Responsible Company!  Come join us!






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